Are You Paying Too Much for Skip Tracing?

Skip Tracing: Searches vs. Matches - Are You Paying Too Much?

One simple thing may cause you to spend more on skip tracing than you need to!

The thing I am talking about is the difference between paying for skip trace searches or matches.

Knowing the difference between these two and finding the right skip trace companies can save you 30% off your skip tracing expense INSTANTLY!

Let’s dig into it!

Skip Trace Search:

A skip trace search is simply when a record is searched. It does not matter if a phone number comes back blank or not. When considering a company which charges per search you need to be aware of the match rate or hit rate (they are the same), this is where you lose money.

Skip Trace Hit:

A skip trace hit is when a record is searched and comes back with a phone number. A hit is the “successful” part of a skip trace. Some companies charge for only hits, which is a pay for what you receive model.

Why this matters:

If you are paying $0.20 PER SEARCH and there is a hit rate of 70% you are only getting 70% of the records back when you are paying for 100% of the record searches.

Skip Tracing

To put numbers to this, if you searched 1000 records for $0.20 a search you are paying $200. If the match rate is 70% you are only getting back 700 records will successful skip traced data and 300 are coming back with no data. So really you are paying $200 for 700 records with data. This amounts to a true skip trace cost of $0.29 per callable record. 

If you are paying $0.20 PER HIT and there is a hit rate of 70%, you are getting 70% of the records back and you are only paying for the 70% which come back with skip traced data. This means for the same 1000 example above, 1000 records for $0.20 a hit and a hit rate of 70%, you are paying $140 for the whole list which comes back with 700 records with skip traced data. When you are paying PER HIT, the true skip trace cost is $0.20 per callable record.

Now you know what to look for to make sure you are not paying too much for your skip tracing. The only problem you have now is choosing a company which provides skip tracing on a per hit/match basis…

Luckily for you we have the solution!

Geopoint Data provides premium skip tracing on a PER MATCH RATE. Things only get better from here…

Not only do you save around 30% by switching from a per search skip trace provider but also Geopoint Data has the best data in the industry, meaning the accuracy of the matches is the best in the industry. Geopoint Data does not just provide you with a few contact numbers, they provide up to 10 cell phone numbers, 2 landlines and email along with column after column of homeowner and property information gathered from the skip trace.

Geopoint Data also has some of the best prices in the industry:

Real Estate Skip Trace Pricing

If you are tired of your middle of the pack skip trace service provider, tired of paying too much for receiving so little back from your skip trace provider, give Geopoint Data a look for your skip trace needs.

If you are looking to save even more money. Click the link to read on Why You Should Leave Skip Tracing in 2019 where you will learn how you can get top quality lists that come already skip traced which also have stacking options such as vacant, absentee owner and high equity.