Delivering real-time homeowners leads from properties that have experienced fire damage.

Are you looking for a list of fire damaged properties sent to your inbox (or CRM) within minutes of the fire event?

Geopoint Data specializes in highly-targeted lists for real estate professionals across the USA. Real estate professionals and investors alike know that homeowners who have experienced a fire are more likely to sell their house.

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How We Deliver Fire Leads

Real-Time Fire Leads
Match & Append
Clean Skip Traced Leads
Direct to Your CRM

Trusted by Thousands of Real Estate Professionals


Have your fire-damaged leads been skip traced?
Yes, because we own all of our own data, we have skip traced all the fire-damaged leads and deliver the homeowner’s contact information when available.
How much does it cost?
The pricing depends on the location and forecasted availability. We have both subscription & per lead pricing models available.
How many leads will I receive?
We will deliver all the leads available in the market.
How accurate is the data?
The leads are of the highest quality as they generated from the fire department sourced information & matched to property records & homeowners contact information.
What markets are available?
We have market coverage in over 75% of the 50 states in the USA.
What types of properties are available on the list?
At this time, we are focused solely on residential properties. If you are looking for commercial property, please contact us.

Get Fire Damage Leads Sent Directly to Your CRM


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