How to Build a Home Seller Lead List that Works

Home Seller Lead List
How To Build A Home Seller Lead List

How To Build A Home Seller Lead List that Works

Have you heard of this buzz phrase before? “Talk to people?”

How many times have you heard: 

“Do you want to get into the real estate business? You better be good at talking to people” 

The gurus pushing this messaging are absolutely correct. 

We assume most people reading this can hold a conversation with a person.

Why aren’t we all bathing in double escrow and assignment checks? 

Real estate is about connecting with people, success in real estate is about connecting with the right people.

There is so much BS out there, tools, fancy tricks & ways for gurus & software providers to take money from their customers. It’s true, the only thing you have to do is talk to people, but most narrowed top of funnel searches result in thousands of potential homeowner leads. When your trying to take your business to the next level, where do you start?

A Lead List will Make or Break Your Business

Do you believe this? Do you agree? 

If you agree, how are you filtering out the best available leads? 

Some gurus preach to “drive for dollars,” others teach “talk to people.” Basically, their advice is to find the houses that have a physical (broken windows, overgrown weeds) or occupant distress (vacancy, past due taxes) & reach out to the homeowner. 

The “Drive for Dollars” and “Talk to People” Gurus are both right. 

Guess what each of them are saying, philosophically?

Narrow your lead list.

Want to know something? It’s that simple. Figure out who you should transact with & talk to them on a personal level. Figure out what their needs are & how your services may align with solving their problem.  

In future posts we’ll discuss the top & bottom of lead funnels but for now, let’s talk about lead lists.

Lead List = Homeseller Filtering?

There are many subsections of likely home sellers with different characteristics. Some have known financial distress & others it’s apparent the house is in need of renovations. Some will never show signs of financial or physical distress but want to sell as fast as possible anyways. 

Find your best home seller customer profile & filter a lead list accordingly. 

Imagine a funnel… At the top, you can fit a lot of leads. At the bottom there are very little leads left. You’re job is to figure out how to start with as many leads as you can afford to market to & push them towards the bottom of your lead funnel. Once they are closer to the bottom of the lead funnel, you are able to hone your marketing & can afford to truly build a relationship with the homeowner to gain trust that your provided service (a cash offer) is in fact their best option. 

Once you have your lead list, determine the most effective way to reach out, figure out their needs & push them towards the bottom of your marketing funnel.  These questions may help you:

  1. Are you a wholesaler? 
  2. Are you a licensed or about to be licensed Realtor? 
  3. Are you looking for DIY fix & flips, buy & holds or other real estate investments?
  4. Do you have or need to build a buyer list to push wholesale contracts? 
  5. Do you have a buyer list in place that will buy your wholesale deal once in contract? 
  6. Will your investor / buyer need to see the property before committing to non-refundable earnest money? 
  7. How quickly can your investor look at your property
  8. How quickly can your investor close?
  9. Do your investors have cash, traditional financing or hard money? 
  10. Can your investors handle significant construction projects? 
  11. Do you have or need to build a buyer list to be in the wholesale business?
Home Seller Lead List

Asking yourself these questions will help you narrow your homeseller lead list.

If you’re still working on building your buyers list – you may want to focus on less expensive data so you can get used to having conversations with home sellers prior to talking to the ones that are motivated to sell. 

If you have guys that can handle significant construction projects – you may want to focus on homeowners that have owned their home for over 30 years. 

If you are looking for fix & flip opportunities for your investor list – you may want to focus on high equity or liens or judgement against the house. 

If you’re a realtor hunting for listings or farming a market – you may just want the most likely to sell in 6 months within your target market. 

Don’t have great answers to any of these questions? – No worries. For a limited time, Geopoint Data is offering free data purchase consultations & we can walk you through what data we think is going to be best for your experience & budget. 

Do you still need to build your investor buyer’s list? No problem at all, in most markets Geopoint Data can place you with a qualified investor. 

We have the best data available. Our professional consultation will help you build your custom lead list will fill in the missing details & put you on the road to success. 

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